Skin Tag Remover

Skin Tag Remover

3 Skin Tag Remover Options You Can Try

You have probability heard about many ways you can remove skin tags. Before you try any of these at-home methods, you should check with your doctor first. After all, skin tags are not dangerous to you. They are simply small benign flaps of hanging skin. They are not cancerous and they should not cause you any physical problems since they are small. Still if you have skin tags, you probably want to get rid of them just because they are unsightly, especially if you have them on areas of your skin that are exposed for everyone to see.

So you will need to find the best skin tag remover to get the job done. There are three home remedies for skin tags that you might want to try: the scissors method, the thread method, and the use of liquid bandages. Each has their advantages and disadvantages so think them through before deciding on what method you want to try.

The Thread Method

The idea behind the thread method is that you cut off blood supply to the skin tag and therefore it will die and fall off. This method is not very painful and you could see results in just two days. This method is pretty straightforward and easy. You simply tie thread or dental floss around the base of the skin tag where it meets your body, knot it off and trim the excess thread away. You then wait for the tag to fall off or you can assist this skin tag remover by clipping off the tag with sterilized, clean nail clippers.

The Scissors Method

If you do not have the patience to use the thread method and wait for your skin tag to fall off on its own, you can use the scissors method, if you have the nerves for it. This is a more complicated skin tag remover, but it is effective.

You must sterilize the scissors first with alcohol and let them dry. In the mean time, clean the skin around the tag with alcohol and then cover it with ice for a few minutes to get it numb. If you don’t use ice, cutting your skin tag off will sting, ice will help deaden any pain you might feel.

Before you cut off your skin tag, pull it up and away from your body so you can get a good look at the stalk. If the part that attaches to your body is thick, you should let a doctor remove the skin tag. However, if the skin tag has a very thin stalk, quickly snip it with the scissors and your tag will be removed. Apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection but bandages are not necessary.

Liquid Bandages

The other two methods take some degree of nerves to pull off, and if you are not up to the task, all is not lost. You can use liquid bandages. A good time to do this is right after you shower and your skin is clean. Apply alcohol to the skin tag to sterilize the area and then spray the liquid bandage over the tag. Top that with a small circular bandage and repeat as needed. You should see results in a few days.

All three of these methods work for getting rid of skin tags. The difference in the skin tag remover methods is the number of days until you see results. Which one you choose will depend upon what you feel comfortable with doing and how fast you want to get rid of your tags.

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