Skin tag removal string

Skin tag removal string

What is the best type of skin tag removal string?

Best treatment for skin tags

Does the string method really work to remove skin tags?

Many people who are bothered by skin tags are seeking effective home remedies, and are intrigued to learn more about the so-called “string method”.

2. Tie the thread or floss VERY tightly around the base of the skin tag. Unless the string is tied tight, it will not cut off the blood supply to the skin tag.1. For a start do NOT use string as it is too thick. The method actually works best with sewing thread or dental floss. Internet reviews suggest that dental floss works well, but because thread is finer it can be tied tighter and more precisely, which is important if the skin tag does not stick on out on much of a stalk.

Or at least that is the theory!3. Wait a few days and the tag should fall off.

According to the Mayo Clinic, this is the most common home treatment for skin tags. However the Mayo Clinic advises people not to use this method and warn it is quite painful and not always effective. Also, it is only possile to use it when the skin tag as a pronounced stalk where the skin tag removal string can be tied. It obviously will not work on a flat skin tag as there is nowhere to tie the string.

(There is no no such thing as invisible skin tag removal string, so if you want to remove the skn tag for cosmetic reasons, for example because it is on your face, you may feel silly walking around the office with string tied to your face.)

Another problem is that this is a treatment for skin tags – not for warts or moles. Warts, moles, and skin tags are three diferent skin conditions with three separate and distinct causes, yet to the untrained eye it can be difficult to tell them apart.

The best solution if you want to use a proven, medically endorsed home remedy is to use this simple technique that is shown to be effective on all three: Get rid of skin tags, warts, and moles in 3 days.

This method uses all natural ingredients that you may already have at home. It does not hurt and does not risk any damage or scarring to surrounding skin, and does not require an expensive diagnosis from a dermatologist to tell you if you have a wart a mole or a skin tag. Also, unlike the string method, it works equally well on flat skin tags or stalky ones.

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