Liquid nitrogen wart removal

Liquid nitrogen wart removal

What is liquid nitrogen wart removal?

This is also called wart freezing and cryotherapy.

Unfortunately, this is an expensive procedure that fails as often as it succeeds and it can leave scars or even open sores.Liquid nitrogen is a VERY cold fluid. It is applied to your wart for up to minute – however long it takes to literally freeze your wart to the point where it is covered in ice. Then the doctor may go through several cycles of freezing and thawing the wart. Ideally, a 20-30 days later the wart will fall off.

Instead of painful freezing, this natural wart remover works at home in 3 days.

It is also painful and often doctors numb the wart and the are of skin around it first to decrease the stinging sensation.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a study in 2002 reported findings that showed that even duct tape wiped out more warts than cryotherapy did.

Also, Consumer reports that duct tape got rid of warts in more than 80% of people, compared to freezing by a doctor which only worked for 50%. Further, they found that in some studies, freezing was no more effective than a “dummy treatment”. Another issue is that freezing warts can be sore or cause blisters.

Learn more about duct tape and warts.

Liquid nitrogen wart removal is becoming less popular because of the cost, the need to often repeat the treatment, and the general lack of satisfactory results.

In the study “Cutaneous Warts: An Evidence-Based Approach to Therapy” by Rocky Bacelieri, M.D. and Sandra Marchese Johnson, M.D., an extensive medical review of the clinical literature concludes that “no single therapy has been proven effective at achieving complete remission in every patient”.

Doctors Bacelieri and Johnson even cite one study that found cryotherapy is no more effective than simple topical treatments. This is why Dr Charles’s natural wart remover is such a popular alternative, and why physicians such as Dr Charles Davidson have searched for more affordable, safe, convenient, and effective solutions.

Freeze Wart

Usually “Freeze Wart” is a reference to one of the popular at home wart freezing treatment kits you can buy. Examples of teh better ones from reputable manufacturers are:Want to try cryotherapy in a DIY kit? Seen the cheesy late night wart freeze infomercials?

1. The Walgreen’s “CompoundW – Freeze Off Wart Removal System”

2. Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Removing Kit .

These are cheaper than the doctor but work (or don’t work) according to the same principles of cryotherapy.

Freezing genital warts

1. Imiquimod (Aldara) cream.Consumer Reports suggests that freezing genital warts is not the best way to treat them. The two most highly treatments they suggest are:

2. Podofilox (Condylox) gel.

You can read about the various issues here: How to remove genital warts.

The deciding factor is whether you are trying to treat INTERNAL genital warts or EXTERNAL genital warts.

For EXTERNAL genital warts, we recommend Dr. Charles’s Natural Wart Remover.

For INTERNAL genital warts, you MUST see your doctor.

We know this is a sensitive topic, but in either case, this is a serious and dangerous problem and you cannot ignore it. However, liquid nitrogen wart removal is not the best treatment for genital warts, so please do some research first.

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