Laser Mole Removal

Laser Mole Removal

Is Laser Mole Removal Even Necessary?

In many ways, moles can be identifying characteristics of people. In fact, these are also called beauty spots because of the way they appear to enhance or highlight a certain facial feature. Think along the lines of Cindy Crawford and Sarah Jessica Parker – before the latter had it removed, that is.

However, there are instances when an individual desires to remove moles from the face and the body. The reasons differ from one individual to the next but the methods of removal are the same, of which the latest is laser mole removal.

Keep in mind, however, that only moles present since birth and/or have not changed in appearance, color and size are excellent candidates for laser treatments. Raised moles as well as those that have changed in any way needs doctor consultation to ensure that these are not cancerous.


Laser treatments work by breaking up the darker pigments of the moles into smaller pieces. The body can then absorb these smaller pigments and you can say goodbye to your moles. Of course, the pinpoint light of the laser is aimed at your mole but rest assured that the intense light is sufficiently gentle on the skin. This is not the laser that you see cutting through steel in movies.

Laser mole removal involves repeated treatments for each mole until it has significantly vanished from the skin. Depending on the size, color and depth of the mole, it can take 3-5 treatments before the procedure can be declared a success. Well, of course, the results will be visible a week after the last treatment.


There are many benefits to laser treatments for mole removal, which include:

·No anesthesia is required of the patient, thus, doing away with the dreaded needles.

·Little to no pain is felt, with maybe just a tingling feeling in the area being treated.

·It is an outpatient procedure, which means that there are no hospitalizations required.

·Scars are barely visible, that is, if you do have scars, which is very rare in laser mole removal. Also, there is very little, of any, skin discoloration around the area treated.

·Results are almost immediately noticeable. Patients report 70 percent disappearance of the mole within a week after treatment, which increases in rate within 3 to 4 months.

·It can be used to remove moles in almost any body part.

It is not surprising then that laser removal is goring in popularity despite its relatively expensive costs.


Depending on the color, size and depth of the mole, again, you will be required to pay anywhere from $125 to $400 dollars per session. Thus, you can spend as much as $1,200 for a single mole. But if you have money to spare like the celebrities, it is money well worth it.

And so the question remains: Do you really need laser mole removal? Well, the answers are yes and no. Yes because you want effective results with little pain and scars. No because you can just let your mole be especially if it is benign and just save the money. So, which category do you fall into?

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