How To Get Rid Of Moles On Your Face

How To Get Rid Of Moles On Your Face

How to Get Rid Of Moles on Your Face

If you are reading this article, we bet our bottom dollar that you are searching for ways on how to get rid of moles on your face. Well, you have come to the right place because the natural and medical ways on mole removal will be outlined here.

A few words of advice: Always be careful when using the natural methods for flat and raised moles. Stop when you feel extreme pain as well as blood. Not only is it not worth the trouble but it can be unsafe for your health. As for medical methods, always consult a competent doctor before undergoing any of the procedures.

Natural Methods

Many of the natural methods on mole removal revolve around the use of herbs. These are usually found in your garden and kitchen so you need not worry about spending money on the natural ways how to get rid of moles on your face.

First, squeeze the juice out of three sour apples. It should then be applied in generous quantities on the moles for at least three weeks. You may use cotton buds for the purpose although you must remember never to rub too vigorously. The moles should exhibit reduced size and coloration after three weeks although you have to keep at it until the desired results are achieved.

Second, you may also use two onions to extract their juices. Just like the sour apples, you have to apply the onion juice regularly – about two times a day – directly on the moles for several weeks. With consistent application, your mole should be significantly reduced or even gone permanently depending on its size and coloration.

Third, put dandelion weeds to good use since its roots can be used to remove moles. Just be sure to clean the roots of any dirt before rubbing it onto the mole. Stop rubbing when you see a milky-white substance coming out of the root, which should be left there for a few hours. Do this for several weeks and your mole might just say its goodbyes. (Alternatively, you can just buy dandelion root juice from your local health store and spare the plants in your garden)

There are other herbal concoctions, of course, related to ways how to get rid of moles on your face. Just remember to proceed with care especially when you see any signs of allergic reactions.

Medical Methods

If you choose to go the faster way, then the medical options are for you. Just remember that you have to be ready with your money as mole removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and, hence, not covered by insurance. For example, laser treatments can cost at least $1,000 for 3 treatments and that’s for one mole only.

The medical methods are:

·Excision РThis process involves two procedures. First, shave excision involves the use of a small blade to cut around and underneath the mole. Second, surgical excision means cutting out the mole and the surrounding skin with a scalpel.

·Laser РThis involves the use of a laser device to slowly melt away the dark pigments of the mole.

·Electrocautery РHeat is the primary way with which the moles are removed.

So, now that you know about the ways how to how to get rid of moles on your face, go do it now!

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