Home remedy for warts

Home remedy for warts

What is the best home remedy for warts?

Like most things, it all depends who you ask! However, there is a growing body of reliable scientific evidence on wart treatment, and many clinical studies now exist which include “home remedies”, as well as expensive medical treatments administered by family doctors and dermatologists.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are two home remedies worth trying. The first is salicylic acid, and the second, also endorsed by Consumer Reports.org, is duct tape.This evidence is very important as consumers can just as easily waste time and money on home treatemnts as they can with medical experts. Also, many of the same side effect issues and risks are the same – pain, skin irritation, and even ugly scarring than can be as disfiguring, or even worse, than the original wart(s).

The problem with salicylic acid as a home remedy is that it comes with the the exact same set as problems as it does in the doctor’s office – you can’t use it when pregnant, it can be very slow, fiddly and even painful, and there is a risk of damaging the healthy skin as well as the actual wart(s).

Salicylic acid only works about half to three quarters of the time, and you won’t know until you have endured the treatment as the acid must be applied every day for weeks.

Natural wart removal

There is a big difference between home remedies for warts and natural wart removal.

Home remedies for warts can be DIY versions of medical procedures that involve freezing or burning. However, nobody would really call the acids, liquid nitrogen, or other chemicals used in these home wart remover kits “natural”.

“Natural” means something comes direct from nature and is not synthetically processed. For example, The FTC once defined natural as “containing no artificial or synthetic ingredients and has no more processing than something that could be made in a household kitchen”.

On Consumer Reports.org, there are two natural home remedies ofr warts that have have been formally evaluated – the first is homeopathy, which is regarded as “unlikely” to work. In fact, the official verdict is “Homeopathy does not seem to work any better than dummy treatments.” (By “dummy treatment” they may something discredited – an urban myth like good old banana peel.)According to the research it is myth that banana peel works. Vinegar works sometimes, but only for about 1 in 3 cases. Tea tree oil is often suggested but is extremely harsh and has a high allergy rate. To date, there are no studies to support its use.

The second natural cure Consumer reports.org have looked into is hypnosis – the verdict on this is that it needs a lot of further study.

There is one home remedy for warts that is both natural and effective, and it is the only one we promote with confidence.

Duct tape for warts

Duct tape is not “natural” according to the definition above, but is worth considering, as both the Mayo Clinic and Consumer Reports.org have endorsed it as an effective home remedy for warts.

For more details, see our page on duct tape and warts.Experience has shown that to get the most benefit from duct tape, incorporate it into the simple home remedy discovered by Dr Charles Davidson. In Chapter 3 of his guide, on page 51, step 7, use duct tape instead of any of the coverings Dr Charles suggests. You will get a much better result: Wart home remedy for natural wart removal. Cure warts now.

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