I knew the information I wanted to share. It is all laid out clearly in the e-book. But how could I could I get this message out to the world?

There are thousands of websites on the subject. Some actually offer EXACTLY THE SAME INFORMATION, as this IS the BEST WART REMOVER, and has now been proven by more folks than I can count.

Sadly, many websites only offer the same old “official” info about spending a small fortune with an expensive dermatologist, only to end up with scarring, or having to keep repeating the cycle as the moles, warts, and skin tags keep coming back.

And let’s be truthful – some website are just plain rip-offs – like sending away for a hyped info-product that offers the banana peel cure.

I needed three things for my website:

2. It had to be VERY EASY to build and maintain. I am an Internet newbie and don’t know ANYTHING about websites, web hosting, HTML, SEO, or any other techno stuff.

1. It had to appear at the top of the seach results so that anyone looking in Google or Yahoo could find it easily.

3. It had to pay for itself. I wanted a way to publish my site that would earn money – not cost money.

So I used an all-in-one solution called Site Build It! Thanks to Site Build It, I had the website up in no time, and folks were finding me immediately.

Now I can share everything I know about how to remove moles, warts, and skin tags with the world, and instead of spending money to publish a website, I actually make money 🙂